The Business Owner Movement

The BOM is a movement to educate start-up business owners and assists them in forming new successful businesses.

Looking to Start a business?

Need to put your business on the 'explosive growth' pathway?

The Business Owner Movement has the people, tools and resources to help you make it happen!

Join us on Saturdays from 10am-12 noon where we feature dynamic speakers on various business topics and opportunity for you to spotlight your business in our networking session.  

Join the growth movement... The Business Owner Movement!

Atlantic Station, 201 17th Street, Suite 300, Atlanta GA 30363 

Cost to attend is $10, BOM members attend for free

*This is a small price to pay compared to the billions spent on legal action!


If you are thinking of starting a business or just started your business, The BOM offers:

(1) motivational sessions for keeping your business profitable,  

(2) information on common start-up issues, and

(3) networking with other business owners in attendance to help build business momentum.

Atlanta Business Attorney David M. Walker, Esq. hosts The BOM and offers business owners an opportunity to start their business by forming a Georgia limited liability company (LLC) at the end of the event.

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"The Business Owner Movement (BOM) is the best networking / roundtable weekly event that I have attended in my three years as a small business owner. Small business owners face challenges that we share in common and the BOM lunch meetings allow owners to critique and offer direction to others in the group so we all grow. It was time well spent for me and I would recommend it to other owners looking to grow to the next level".

 Jay Austin,

"I wanted to start a business, but I didn't know where to start. I joined The BOM, and now I have an LLC, I get leads from other BOM members, and I have a network of professionals available to me." - Bruce Davenport, CITE LLC, BOM Member

"I've been in business for many years, but since I became a member of The BOM I have been able to focus more on revenue and less on the structure that took away my valuable time. Also, The BOM is a great networking organization." - Robb Jones, Perilloux Holdings LLC, BOM Member

 "The BOM is a great idea! Business owners get access to an attorney and business forms, generate leads for their business, network with other business owners and professionals, and if they don't have an LLC - The BOM will form one for them. This is perfect for a small business owner and a great value." - Chelsea Rich, Pitch Marketing Group LLC, BOM Member 


 The BOM has the following core objectives for its Members:

1. Ensure every member has a corporate entity.

2. Access to an Atlanta business attorney.

3. Focus members on generating revenue and outsourcing specialized services.

4. Generate leads for each Member to increase revenue.

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